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What Is UL/CSA AWM Wire And Cable?

AWM stands for “Appliance Wiring Material” under ANSI/UL 758 standard and is a UL Recognized Component used in the internal wiring of electronics and electrical appliance. The most important point is UL AWM Wire and Cable can meet your testing and certification needs for appliance wiring material intended for use in innovative applications and products.

As known, UL company generate a lot of series of different style number for each different cable structure and creates a UL style sheet of each AWM Wire. UL style sheet lists several properties, such as the dimension and material of conductor, the wall thickness and material of insulation and jacket, temperature rating, voltage rating, assembly and others. And each UL style shows the area of general use according to the product’s UL rating for your specified application.
XSD Cable has been one of the professional manufacturer in the field of wire and cable. Our products mainly include UL1015, UL10269, UL11627, UL3271, UL3321, UL2464, UL2586, UL20276, UL2468, UL2651, etc.

Types Of UL/CSA AWM Wire And Cable

UL AWM Wire and Cable is defined by UL company as Appliance Wiring Material. UL company make each variation of AWM into one of five categories that covers a number of cable structures. Each category is defined by a number of characteristics, including the number of conductors, whether it includes shield, whether it includes a jacket, and whether insulation and jacket is thermoset or thermoplastic.

What’s more, UL AWM Wire and Cable is a large category of certified wire and cable covering hookup wire, lead wire, flat ribbon cable, single conductor wire, multi-conductor wire, high temperature wire, halogen free wire, computer cable, power cable, twin wire, twisted pair cable and others with a wide range of insulation, jacket and wall thicknesses.

Besides, XSD Cable do recognized by CSA as cUL for Canada market. All you have to do is to select workable and suitable UL AWM Wire and Cable for your specified usage.
Advantages Of Our UL/CSA AWM Wire And Cable
With great advantage of heat, cold, acids, oils, moisture, UV, flame and tear resistance, UL AWM Wire and Cable is commonly used in a variety of applications such as harness wiring, general purpose wiring circuits, control circuits, control panels, automated machine, robotic, electronic equipment, motors, power tools and internal wiring of appliances and equipment.
  • Single Conductor Wire
    Single Conductor Wire(Hookup Wire) is a wire with a single insulated conductor that may be used for low-voltage, low-current applications. It is frequently used in control panels, automobiles, meters, ovens, computers, electronic equipment, industrial machines, appliances and others. And it works well in small spaces and comes in a wide variety of constructions with various conductor, insulation, and jacket material available, such as UL1015, UL10269, UL11627, UL3321, UL3271, UL10362, etc.
  • Multi-conductor Cable
    Multi-conductor Cable often provide many advantages over using several runs of separate single conductor wire(hookup wire) when multiple circuits require interconnection. When multi-core or multi-pair cable are used to connect, wiring is neater and more organized, which takes up less space and decreases installation time compared with single conductor wire, such as UL2464, UL2586, UL2587, UL2517, UL2725, UL20276, etc.
  • Flat Ribbon Cable
    Flat Ribbon Cable(Ribbon Cable) are the most common types of cable used in various kinds of electronics. The biggest advantage of flat ribbon cable is to allow mass termination to specially designed IDC. These cables are used in wire-to-board applications with IDC connector, scanners, computers, printers, robotics, circuit boards, TVs, control panel and more. Flat Ribbon Cable(Ribbon Cable) are known for being a very high-quality cable with superior flexibility and a space-saving design, such as UL2651, UL2678, UL2468, UL4478, UL21016, etc.
Cases Of Our UL/CSA AWM Wire And Cable

Battery Storage Box Wiring Cable

With the rise of clean energy and renewable energy sources, most companies has developed their technology in Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). In order to meet our customer’s project in USA, we recommended UL11627, UL3196, etc. with 600V to 2000V rated and heat resistance. These wires can be used for internal wiring of energy storage tank or battery box in electric vehicle, electric truck and others.

EV Charging Wiring Cable

Nowadays, more and more people is going to buy electric vehicles due to low spending and environment protecting. Thus charging piles for electric cars have sprung up. The energy can be generated by solar panels, wind farms or other green technologies. The stored energy can be used to power anything from residential homes or charging station to electric vehicles. Our wire and EV cable are widely used to all kinds of charging station, charging pile, electric vehicle power supply system connection.

Industrial Automation Equipment Wiring Cable

With rapid development of cutting-edge technology, the development of automation machine is becoming more and more mature. Replacing manpower with automation machine has become a trend. Hookup wire and lead wire often be used for internal wiring of control circuits, PCB circuits, power supply of those machine with high durability and excellent waterproof. We are supplying UL10269, UL1015, UL2464, UL2468, UL3271 and more for parts assembly to our customers all over the world.

Photovoltaic Inverter Wiring Cable

One of our customers is focusing on Solar Energy, which is a globally well-known and listed company. A solar panel uses the photoelectric effect to convert the sun's energy to electricity. Therefore, direct current must be converted to household AC current to be useful. All installations require electrical wiring. Like UL3321, UL10269, UL1015, UL2586, UL10362, PV Cable and others, those can be used to connect inverter, panel, battery and so on.
UL/CSA AWM Wire And Cable OEM
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