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UL/CSA AWM Wire and Cable
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UL/CSA AWM Wire and Cable

XSD Cable has a strong production capacity for the production of UL Appliance Wire and Cable with UL and CSA. Appliance wiring material (AWM) is a large category of wire and cable covering hookup wire, lead wire, flat cable, single conductor wire, multi conductor wire, high temperature wire, halogen free wire with a wide range of insulation, jacket and wall thicknesses. With heat, cold, acids, oils, moisture, UV and tear resistance, AWM cable is commonly used in a variety of applications such as general purpose wiring circuits, control circuits, control panels, automated machine, robotic, electronic equipment, motors, power tools and internal wiring of appliances.

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Since our establishment in 2013, XSD Cable has been one of the professional manufacturer in the field of wire and cable.




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